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Sooo Xtra - Bougie Parfumée Travel 4oz

Sooo Xtra - Bougie Parfumée Travel 4oz

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Exclusive Hand-poured Small Batch Private Blend Luxury Soy Wax Tavel Candle

This fragrance is our best selling customer favorite Eau de Parfum in a candle, made to be intoxicatingly sexual and insatiable. This is not for the basic... this candle is spicy and passionate, and paired with its namesake Eau de Parfum Sooo F’in Xtra will intensify your insatiable craving. There is no limit on what will follow.

These travel-friendly tins are perfect for the office or jetsetting around the globe. Instantly amplifying the mood in any hotel room with the warm glow of candlelight. Or place them throughout your home to saturate each room with fragrance.

Sooo F‘in Xtra opens rather sweet, bold and decedent. The finish is sexy, strong and spicy like you!

Always be Sexy and Sooo Xtra!

Notes: amber, bergamot, coriander, dark musk, frankincense, honey, lemon, oud, patchouli, sandalwood, tobacco leaves, tonka bean, vanilla


For the full candle care & safety tips click HERE

  • On the FIRST  burn of this candle make sure the wax pool reaches the edges of the vessel. This usually takes 1-2 hours to prevent “tunneling”.
  • Only burn this candle for 2-3 hours MAX at a time as the candle MAY overheat.
  • As with any open flame it can become a fire hazard.
  • Never leave an open flame unattended.
  • Stop burning and recycle the candle when wax is down to 1/4 inch.
  • The safest way to extinguish your candle is to use a candle snuffer or the lid.

We use a lead-free cotton wicks and premium grade fragrance oil & essential oils so, always an Eco-friendly, clean burn. Phthalate, paraben, and sulfate free. No added chemicals or dyes. Our biodegradable Eco-glitter is made from natural ingredients, does not effect the candle performance.

Candle burn time
is:  Up to 30 hours

Soy Wax

Single Wick

Bougie Parfumée 

4oz / 113g

Width 2.75 in / Height 2 in

Teal luxury tin vessel which comes with a metal lid. Candle is embellished with rose gold Eco-glitter to be Sooo F'in Xtra! .

*The first time you burn your candle is extremely important: allow the candle to burn until the melted wax reaches the edge of the container. This should take up to 1 to 2 hours MAX.

Always trim your candle wick before you burn it. Never leave a burning candle unattended*

PRO TIP: When the candle is done, reuse the jar to hold makeup brushes, cotton rounds, Q-tips, fragrance samples, mints etc., or whatever else you have laying on your nightstand.

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